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City Information


Home to spellbinding and enchanting Taj Mahal – Agra is the epitome of Indian Tourism. Located on the Western banks of river Yamuna, Agra forms the part of the famous ‘Golden Triangle’(Delhi-Jaipur-Agra). In addition to the Tajmahal, Agra has numerous historical monuments.


Agra is an ancient city. It is believed that Agra was known as Agraban during the days of Mahabartha and was a part of the holy Brijbhumi(hometown of lord Krishna). While the other historians believe that Maharaja Ugersen founded it. And sources prior to this have also reffered Agra as Arya Griha- abode of the Aryans.
More recently the Indian history outlines the origins of Agra to 1475 AD the reign of Kshatriya hero Badal Singh. Later Sikandar lodi set base in Agra in 1492 AD and inhabited a city Sikandarabad at a distance of 8 km from Agra. Thus Agra as it is known today is believed to be established by Sikandar Lodhi of Lodhi dynasty; Delhi sultanate.The Persian ruler Babar defeated the last king of lodi dynasty , Ibrahim Lodhi and established the mighty Mughal empire in Agra, India. In 16 and 17th centuries during Mughal rule Agra was the Mughal capital of India.


Spellbinding monuments were constructed in Agra, which patronized the Mughal art and architecture. Babar introduced the concept of square Persian-styled gardens here. The garden is called the Aram bagh (garden of relaxation). And the second Mughal Emperor Akbar built the Agra fort and Fatehpur Sikri near Agra.
During Jahangir’s reign beautiful palaces and gardens were built inside the Laal qila or Red Fort. With passionate interest in architecture and fascination for jewellery and paintings, Shahjahan marked the zeneath of mughal architecture with the construction of Tajmahal by Shahjahan in the loving memory of his beloved wife.


Much of Agra’s past is still living today which captivates every visitor to click beautiful memories in their mind. The main marketplace (kinari bazaar) is a part of the old city and has several districts whose names are attached with the Mughal period. Like Loha mandi(iron market), sabzi mandi(vegetable market) are still operational but nai ki mandi (barber’s market) is now famous for textiles.


The symbol of love Tajmahl Persian meaning “crown palace”, was built by Shahjahan in the memory of his beautiful wife Mumtaz mahal at Agra. And Tajmahal Agra has become synonymous with India. Tajmahal is one of the most visited monument all over the world. Also known as the white wonder, Tajmahal is one of the seven wonders of the world.

Tajmahal is as beautiful as its history. It is believed that on her deathbed Mumtaz asked Shahjahn to build a monument of love. While second school of historians believe that the grief stricken Shahjahn himself decided to build the Tajmahal as a tribute to his beautiful wife.Whatever be the reason Tajmahal is a legendary story etched in stone.

The beauty of Taj has made Agra an unrivaled destination for tourists all across the globe. Tajmahal is the most photographed monument.Tajmahal is the crowning glory of the city. Pride of the city ,Tajmahal is set around a Charbagh or four garden plan, split by watercourses. Tajmahal is situated on the bank of river Yamuna. It has made Agra a must visit for all the lovers of art and architecture,