Spiritual Museum in Agra

Agra Museums

The Taj City, as Agra is called sometimes, has quite a few museums in its territorial lands. The great monuments in the city themselves constitute the missing links of the powerful Mughal dynasty. Whatever the reason be, for not establishing and maintaining a conspicous institute to keep track of the events but there sure are places which provide the insights of some of the greatest kings of Indian middle ages. The Taj Mahal Museum and the Spiritual Museum are among the few museums in Agra city. The museums of Agra have a special regard for architecture due to the influence of wonderful structures in its plains. It is due to this fact that the showcase of these museums are often provided with antiquities of architectural brilliance. The Taj Mahal Museum particularly exhibits this idea. Even Spiritual Museum is no exception. This museum too exhibits models that are in a way connected to the idea of structure and form. The museums of Agra are wonderful places for aspiring architects and the arts lovers.

The Taj Mahal Museum

The Taj Mahal Museum forms a part of the Taj Mahal Complex. The museum is located towards the west of the Taj Mahal. The museum is popular as it houses the records and plans of construction of the great mausoleum. The museum contains original drawings of Taj Mahal, precious and semi precious stones to be used in the construction and celadon plates. The celadon plates are famous ass it is believed that the color of the plates gets changed or the plate itself breaks into pieces if poisonous food is served in these. The museum also has drawings providing the viewing perspective of the graves in the mausoleum.

Spiritual Museum

The city of Agra which is famous for its architectural brilliance is provided with few institutes that tend to preserve the heritage of Agra. Quite distinct from the popular museum the Spiritual Museum has a concept of its own. The museum which is still in its early stage of development has been built for the newly founded movement called 'Brahma Kumaris'. The participants of the movement prophesies the self realization of God as their father. The museum houses many shapes, colors and forms that tend to explain various physical phenomena. The Spiritual Museum has been constructed near the Taj Mahal Complex and is visited by a fair number of people who constitute both the art lovers as well the tourists.